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There is a wide range of automatic gate options available in the market, our specialists help you choose the best option to ensure your home or business is secure and good-looking. At Century Garage Door Service, our team of professionals is specialized in complete automatic gate repair services, which include automatic sliding gates, swinging gates, electric gate parts such as gate hinges, gate railing, gate openers, fencing, gate motor, etc. Contact us today to avail yourself of the best residential or commercial automatic gate repair services at the most reasonable price.

The most common automatic gate issues can be a sliding gate that won’t open or close, a loud noise from your automatic gate while opening or closing, gate off-track, electric gate motor out of backup batteries, etc. Our professionals can fix them in no time. With years of experience, our team of dedicated and hardworking professionals will find a fix to your problem easily. We make sure that your automatic gate is back in stellar condition to keep your home or your business safe and secure.


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Century Garage Door Service helps you with automatic gate repair and installation from start to finish. We have given our technicians training with all manufactures to make them familiarised with all gate types to make the decisions when handling an automatic gate repair or installation tasks. We have got you covered with all your commercial and residential automatic gate issues including repairs, maintenance, installation, and replacement. We commit to the quality of the services we offer and ensure our customer is completely satisfied with our services. We aim to resolve your issues quickly and efficiently without wasting your valuable time.

If your automatic gate seems to be damaged completely, or have the posts rotted or expired, Century Garage Door Service is your one-stop fix. We are prepared and equipped for all kinds of gate repair or installation services, no matter what your issue is we will find you a fix. We show you our step-by-step procedure from finding the issue, analyzing the issue, options for solving it, and how we solve the issue. We are transparent with our customers as we value our customers more than anything else.


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No matter what is wrong with your automatic gates, we have the solution for it. We use only new and genuine parts keeping our integrity and trust in place. We have the tools and skills to handle any gate no matter the type or size. We specialize in repairing all types and models of automatic gates for all residential and commercial properties. Contact us anytime to get your automatic gate fixed by the best in business.  

The main and most important component of your automatic gate is the opener. Our experts are up to date trained with all the new models and types of gate openers available in the market. We offer repair services for almost all kinds of automatic gate issues such as:


Gate reversing:


Gate reversing happens when the gate works in reverse to the command given to the automatic gate opener. This issue can arise due to the malfunctioning of the opener and can be fixed by troubleshooting the opener.


Noisy motor:


A noisy motor happens when a loud noise arises from the motor inside the automatic gate opener while closing or opening the gate. This can occur mainly due to a worn-out motor and can be fixed easily.


Gate won’t open or close:


It is the most common issue faced with an automatic gate. This issue mainly occurs due to a loss of power supply to the opener, or the opener being out of range. Changing the opener batteries can fix the issue instantly.


Sagging swing gate panel:


Sagging gate occurs mainly on automatic swing gate where one or more gate panels sink or bulge downwards causing difficulty while opening or closing the gate. Sagging gates are one of the most common issues faced by automatic swing gates.


Gate off track:


Gate slipping of the track is another commonly faced issue for automatic gates. These are easily fixable compared to other problems faced by automatic gates.

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