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Garage doors are probably used more than any other door in your home. Garage doors are opened and closed frequently during day and night. When your automatic garage door opener stops working, it can be frustrating. Don’t need to worry anymore, Century Garage Door Service helps you fix your automatic garage door opener within no time. Our expert professionals can install, repair or replace all kinds of remotes and garage door openers without any delay.

When your garage door opener stops working it can be quite frustrating and can waste a lot of time. Contact our specialized and experienced professionals capable of handling all kinds of garage door openers to help you get your garage door functioning smoothly again in no time.




Garage door openers may stop working suddenly. In most cases, the opener may be having a small technical error and can be repaired without having to replace the whole garage door opener. We recommended you hire a professional for your garage door opener repair and can lead to potential damages if repaired by yourself.

Whereas, garage door installation is not an easy task as it requires great knowledge and experience dealing with garage door openers. Our technicians have extensive knowledge about all types of garage door openers available in the market. We help you choose the best option for your home that matches the brand of your garage door. Some of the commonly used garage door openers are:


Chain drive openers:


Chain drive openers use a metal chain for opening and closing the garage door. These types of openers are less expensive compared to other openers, but these can generate some noise while opening and closing the garage door.


Belt drive openers:


Belt drive openers are similar to chain drive openers but use a belt instead of a chain, which makes them much quieter than chain drive openers. These are more reliable and long-lasting.


Screw drive openers:


These types of openers are used in one-piece garage doors. They use a threaded rod to lift the garage door and are more durable.


Jackshaft openers:


Jackshaft openers are used in garages with unusual ceiling heights. They work well in the low, cathedral, or blocked ceiling garages and also give overhead storage space for other items.




If your garage door isn’t working properly it does not always mean that your garage door opener is broken and should be replaced. Century Garage Door Service can help you fix your garage


door opener helping you save time and money. A garage door repair may be considered during the following circumstances:

Garage door doesn’t open or close properly:

When the garage door malfunctions and doesn’t close all the way or stops in the middle, the opener may not be broken. This issue may be due to a technical problem with the safety sensors, rollers, or the limit switch. Our technicians inspect your door and provide solutions solely based on your issue rather than replacing the garage door opener.


The door goes in reverse:


When the garage door suddenly goes in reverse, it may be due to the incorrect reading of the force acting on the door by the opener or can be a variety of other factors that can increase the friction between the door and other components. The problem can be fixed without having to replace the entire opener.


The motor doesn’t shut off:


After the garage door closes the garage door opener motor will stop running. But during a malfunction, the motor may continue to run even after the door is closed. The problem can be fixed by making certain adjustments to the garage door opener.


The keypad won’t work:


The garage door opener keypad may stop functioning suddenly. It may be due to an antenna problem, a dead battery, or a keypad out of range. The poor connection between the opener mechanism and the garage door can also be a possible cause.  

Wall switch doesn’t open or close the door:

Wall switch malfunction can originate from a power supply problem due to a fuse break or even due to a burnt-out garage door opener motor. Replacing the motor can rectify the issue and ensure the wall switch works normally.