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Garage doors are usually very durable and have a significant lifespan. Although they can last longer, there always comes a time when you need to replace your garage door. Having a good garage door will help you keep your garage safe from all external ailments, making your garage a safe place to store your tools and other items. Contact us at Century Garage Door Services and we will help you find the best garage door that meets all your requirements by exploring all the options available in the market. We offer the best prices available for new residential and commercial garage doors.

Installing a garage door requires a lot of experience and heavy-duty machinery and tools. Our professionals are highly trained and have years of experience in installing all kinds of garage doors and their components. We ensure you a safe and successful garage door installation at the most affordable price range available in the market. Contact our professionals today to get a free estimate or schedule a service.




Century Garage Door Service offers all types of garage doors such as steel garage doors, wooden garage doors, glass garage doors, and much more. Our professionals evaluate your needs and help you choose the garage door type that meets your requirements. Some common garage door types are:


Steel Garage doors:


Steel garage doors are the most commonly used garage door type and are a popular option for many homeowners. Steel garage doors require low maintenance and are easy to insulate. They are highly durable and can resist almost all kinds of harsh weather conditions.


Wood Garage doors:


Wood garage doors are most commonly preferred by homeowners who want a custom look for their garage door to match the style of their home. Wooden garage doors are available in a wide range of finishes and custom-built options. They also are easy to repaint and act as a natural sound barrier.


Glass Garage doors:


Glass garage doors give a modern look to your garage and boost up the aesthetics of your home. They are available in a wide range of designs with strong aluminum or wooden frames. Glass garage doors allow additional light into your garage during daytime which helps reduce energy consumption.




There are numerous reasons to get a new door for your garage. With the development of technologies over the years, newly build garage doors offer more security and features compared to your old and worn-out garage doors. Some reasons for installing a new garage door are:


Too many repairs:


When you find yourself frequently struggling with a broken garage door even after significant maintenance and repair jobs, it may be time to get a new door installed. There are different parts in a garage door that help it function smoothly and these parts may wear out over time and reach a point where replacing your garage door may seem less expensive than constant repairs. 




If you have recently changed the exterior of your home, you may need to change your garage door to match the current design and style of your home. An old and worn-out garage door can appeal curbed compared to the newly styled exterior of your home. We offer a large variety of styles and designs for you to choose from that fit you the best. 


Energy leak:


New garage doors are more energy-efficient compared to old garage doors. If you are looking for a way to reduce heating and cooling bills, then replacing your old garage door with a new and efficient one is the best option for you. 


Safety considerations:


If your garage door has broken springs, is off-balance, or is constantly falling off its track, it can be a safety hazard for you and your family. Misaligned or broken sensors can also be a potential threat to the safety of your home.


Security concerns:


New garage doors are more secure with new technologies compared to your old garage doors. New garage doors can be programmed into your home security system and also access and control garage door activities using your phone.


Reduced maintenance:


New garage doors require very little maintenance compared to an old and worn-out garage door. They are in top shape and won’t have to be repainted shortly.


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