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Commercial Garage Doors Vs. Residential Garage Door

June 23, 2021

Usually, residential garage doors are expected to perform well and look good as well. On the other hand, commercial doors come with an efficient driving design. They do not look as aesthetically pleasing as residential garage doors. You must also know that most commercial doors are designed with similar specifications as residential doors, the only difference is that the commercial doors are a bit larger. Some people blindly believe that a commercial door is much stronger than a residential door. Thus, they order commercial doors for residential purposes. They fail to understand that residential doors are just as strong as commercial doors.

Commercial Garage Doors

The most significant difference between a commercial garage door and a garage door is that of size. While a standard garage door is seven feet tall, there still are shorter and taller garage doors available in the market. Now, since commercial buildings need to load and unload supplies now and then, they require comparatively taller doors. Sometimes, people also consider commercial doors when they need an exceptionally tall door for their garage. But think twice before deciding as you have to spend more money buying a commercial door in place of the residential garage door.

Moreover, you’ll always find yourself stuck with limited choices when you go out to purchase commercial doors. Even with the additional aftermarket features like glass panels, there are not many options available. Also, you may notice that some options are only available in the case of commercial doors that are regulated by federal law. One such example is an electric operator system for commercial doors.

Residential Garage Doors

Residential Garage Doors comes in many options in terms of materials such as wood, steel, composites, fiberglass, and aluminum. On the other hand, commercial garage doors are limited to aluminum and galvanized steel only. Just keep in mind that you shouldn’t limit yourself to typical options when you want to opt for the strongest residential garage door. You can even install hurricane-resistant panels and hardware to add structural strength to your residential garage door.


The Bottom Line

You should probably leave commercial doors to fit into commercial settings only. Moreover, oversized garage doors or commercial doors can sometimes go against the owner’s rules and standards. If you want to get a garage door panel replacement or install a new garage door, you can give us a call to make a booking.

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